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Church Planting Project

1. Church Planters Support: We are now praying and looking for an urgent need to support 10 pioneer church planters. From July these 10 started their work but have no support. Please pray for them and the necessary support at $150.00/each monthly. (Click on any of the following to read their story.)

    2. Donate Local language Bible to a pioneer church planter or lay leader: For $10, you can give a local Bible, or $30 Oral Bible which is a MP3 player that runs on solar batteries. This is very needed for Church planting.

    3.Donate a motorcycle to a pioneer church planter: We need a motorcycle for our regional leaders who are looking the church planter and others work. For $1,500, you can help our (Area Leader) that he reaches even more villages. We hope and pray to supply at least one motorcycle this year.

    Building For Discipleship and Worship Centre

    We are working with very significant groups and give them discipleship training every months them. But we have no place to do this training continue. Rainy season they have very bad situation. Also now start regularly weekly worship. So as their practical need by faith we start a small building and I am so thankful to God and our believers because as a poor country they giving 50% of the cost but still to finish we need $7,000 to $8,000 USD. You can see the picture in separate file.

    This is really a great need and challenge right now. If you can pray and support for this project it will be a great impact this area and will able to continue our Discipleship program and they will able to continue worship.

    Beginning of a new Worship Center

    Worship Center exterior complete but interior still much work to accomplish.

    Church Planters Information

    Anil Mardi

    (Area Leader)
    Name of the Area:
    Sukanpukur, Dinajpur

    Anil Mardi is the man of God, man of Faith trying carrying the gospel for the community of Sukanpukur village under Dinajpur District. Sukanpukur is a Muslim Area. He fast and pray last 2 years for this area and started to share the Gospel with Muslim community. His area is very strong Muslim community but he is trying as much as he can. He is using correspondence course and one to one gospel sharing process. This Area is also famous for historic Suja Mosque. This old mosque where many peoples come to give sacrifice and offering to Allah. Many people’s are followed the strong faith to obey Allah and hate Christen.

    He is doing is Bachelor of Theology and working. He also completes his Higher Secondary in Social Science. He is well trained to do evangelism. He is also praying for his life partners.

    This village is very close to highway road which is connected with capital. Most of the people are quite rich and working different trade like: government job, business and rice husking mill. Some traditional believe and faith they follow.

    Our heart is always for majority groups and that’s why we are more committed to plant the church this Area. There is a big opportunity to do some social works also to share the love of Jesus this Area. Brother Anil need your prayer for his protection and continue the ministry this Area. He is faith base, he have no support. For Christ time we are praying give him some financial support that he can celebrate Christmas. Could you please bless this brother that he can celebrate Christmas? God bless you.

    Binoy Barmonn

    Name of the Area:

    Mohadevpur, Naogaon

    Binoy Barmon was a School teacher and accepted Christ last 2002. He and his wife only accepted Christ his village. After accepting Christ he persecuted by his family and community. He throws out of the family. He went to Bible school and slowly he returns back his area again. Now still his family’s members not coming Christ. He lives in Mohadevpur under Naogaon district 450 KM far from Capital of Bangladesh. Mohadevpur is a fertile land for crops. Lot of rice is grown this area. In 2000 August Muslim fundamental peoples murdered one believer this area. But our brother is very bold to share Christ and trying to plant church. There is a big need of Church plant this area. Binoy Barmon is Completed his Bechalor Degree and have special training on Adult education. He is making friendship and share the gospel. His goal is to plant strong church this Area.

    Most of the population of this area are not very educated but have good knowledge of understanding and aware their own religion. Their main profession is cultivating field and grow rice but many also works in rice husking mile. They have their own language different then Bangla.

    We empowering our brother and respect his vision for this area to plant the church. To accomplish this task he needs your prayer

    There is a big challenge but we believe God will open the door and how God saved Binoy same way many will come to Christ. We feel there is a great need of Church plant this Area and it will be the way of Revival.

    Budrai Mardii

    Name of the Area: Nojipur, Naogaon

    Dhamorhat is the Upzala of Naogaon District. Budrai Mardi is coming from Santal Background and accepted Christ through Bible correspondence course. There are many tribal peoples live in this area. Muslim peoples are persecuted the tribal people and captured their land by force. Tribal communities are worked Muslim land owners as day labors. They cultivate the land and planting the rice in the field in a very low wages. Many times they sold their labors in advance so they have no choice to do other works. Geographically this area is very close to India border. Muslim people by force get married tribal girl and convert them to Muslim. Dhamorhat is also known as the gate of Naogaon district because it’s a connection of Joypurhat District. Here is also historical place Pharpur Buddha Bhar which was long back Buddhist temple and training center.

    Budrai mardi is a very good communicator and have good skill to share gospel with Santal community. He has been trained in one years Bible course. He completed his HSC. He is married and has one Child.

    We find a great need to protect this community and Jesus can save them. From the slave of society and sin we love to bring them out and that’s why we love plant the church.

    Kamolesh Tadu

    Name of the Area: Potnitola, Naogaon

    Kamoles Tadu is a village Doctor who accepted Christ and commited his life to share the gospel. His trained by a development organization 2004 and started his work to see the patient different village but not have good success. In July of 2005 he meet one of our brother and hear about Christ. But he don’t have any believe and said medicine is not working how Jesus can works. God did miracle he went near by potnitala village where a small was very sick and he give medice but not have any improvement. He share this with our brother he said I love to go and see so Kamoless bring him that village. Our brother said Jesus can heal if you believe and pray so next week that boy heal. After that Kamolesh come to Christ and before giving medicene he pray first and he got very good result. So he commit his life to do gospel sharing. We training as a church planter and now he is trying to plant new Church.
    Patnitola is big middle level town under Naogaon district. More then 90% people are strong Muslim. This Area is famous for Rice plantation and rice husking. Lieracy rate is low. Women are used Borka(covering body by cloth). Precaution some time happened to evangelist.
    Our target is for this area to plant a Church and open the door for breakthrough for a revival. We are getting information that no church in this community that’s why we love to plant church.
    I visited this area and find the real need of sharing gospel among this community and I saw the opportunity to plant the Church through our brother Kamoles. Please pray for this Area.

    Karina Hasda*

    Name of the Area: Kucharpara, Dinajpur

    Kucharpara is village under Singra union of Dinajpur district. Most of the peoples are non Christian only Karina Hasda and her family accepted Christ. She grows up a very poor family and his father was drag addicted but in 2006 God changed Karina through vocational Bible course and she come to Christ. After that her life changed her father mother and younger brother and they come to Christ. His father changed his life. But the community they live they are very strong and not still responding gospel. Karina is trained our Sewing center and after that now she is teaching her village and try to plant Church. No electricity in this village, not have good education and water crises is very big issue. From capital of Bangladesh it takes 7/8 hours to reach their village. She is trying heart and soul to change this community by sharing gospel and we believe if we can help her she will able to plant a Church this area.

    The community is geographically plain land but not very fertile also have water problem. Ethnic, Hindu and Muslim mixed community lives this area. No gospel preached before and there is stronghold of devil spirit. Some people are doing business and some are labors. Women are not very well situation. Children have not much opportunity to get education.

    Maymonti Baska*

    Name of the Area: Bolakipur, Dinajpur

    Mymoti Baska is a young Santal Tribal girl who is called and dedicate by God for Church planting works in Bolakipur Area under Dinajpur District. This village is a special for our ministry. Through a very small prayer cell Mymonti now trying and moving to Church plant ministry. She accepted Christ through our prayer cell group brothers and sister and her older sister also accepted Christ. But last year her older sister get married and left this village so she is trying to bring others to Christ. No Christian this area. People are not hearing about Jesus. Mymonti is trainied by our team for Church planting and Disciples making. She is completed her HSC.

    This village peoples have farm works and grow corns and Banana. Economy is not very strong. Some traditional believe and faith they follow and when they become sick they don’t want to go doctor. They use old faith village doctor. Praise God Mymonti get chance to pray for the sick and get miracle which significantly help her and teams to preach gospel.

    We visit this area and find the real need of sharing gospel among this community and I saw the determination of Mymonti to plant the Church. I believe if we can continue pray and help Mymonti she will make a effective response for the community to plant the Church. So this helped us to understand the need of Church plant this Area.

    PPlease pray for this Area.

    Samol Karmokar

    Name of the Area: Ghoraghat, Dinajpur

    Ghoraghat is place where we started to communicate of the gospel by disciple making and social action. Samol Karmakar is one of our disciples whom we train for church planting and he has a calling and burden to reach his community this Area. We mentor him last 4 years and he is very committed to God. He has a very good and clear concept about salvation. He is born again Christian believer. He complete Higher Secondary study and also completed one years Bible course. He has a good reputation this community. He is passionately working this area to plant a church.

    Ghoraghat is located at 25.2458°N 89.2167°E. It has 17535 house holds and a total area of 148.67 km. This the part of Dinajpur district and Rangpur divition.This area is basically non Christian Area and most of the people are not hear about Jesus. People of this area are not educated and have many social crises like: polygamy, different disease, Dowry and injustice. Women are neglected by society and not respected by family. Their economy is very low. Most people are day labors or farmers.

    WWe love to plant Churches to change the community by the love of Jesus that all the crises can remove in the name of Jesus and they many grow by the love of Jesus for eternal hope.

    Samol Tappo

    Name of the Area: Kanchon, Naogaon

    Samol Tappo is converted from Oraon groups on 2009 through Campus Crusade. After that we send him to the Bible school and getting training. From last year he is challenged by God to do something among Oraon peoples and we are praying for him to reach this community. His wife Fulessri Hembrom is also very helpful for Church plant and Children ministry. They both are committed and have good passion for Kanchon Area. This area is a part of Naogaon District. This is not very deep village and city but good communication.

    There are some oraon people here are educated and also strong Hindus belief. But we have still opportunity to reach them. Oran communities are mixed believe some are ethnic like: tree and sun worshiper and some are Hindus God’s flower. Polygamy is regular issue this community. Not have strong moral code. There is a big need of water supply for drink. Children education is run by government but very poor.

    There is no Church this Area and we are praying to see a church this area. Please pray for our brother Samol Tappo and his wife that they can plant church this area.

    We believe God will open door for this community that they can see the light and truth can make them free. To extend the kingdom of God and change the people’s heart to Jesus we love to plant Church this area.

    Your prayer and care is needed for Brother Samol Tappo and his wife.

    Sudarsan Malo

    Name of the Area: Ghoraghat, Dinajpur

    Sudersan Malo is from Malo tribe and accepted Christ through our Ministry and strongly devoted to share the gospel his own tribe. He said “If my communities not see the light of Jesus I have no meaning to come Christ”. He is Graduate in BBS (Bachelor of Business Study). He joins with our Bible study group last three years and he accepted Christ as his own savior. We also send him for YWAM (Youth With A Mission) for mission training for three month. Last Year his younger brother died by unknown sickness. After that his whole family broken down a big sadness. He also become so upset but the word of God touches him and his brother died without Christ. So he come to us and wishes his desire that he don’t want to see like his brother that they also died without Christ. Presently he is stated to share the gospel his Malo community.

    This area is basically non Christian Area and most of the people are not hear about Jesus at all. Peoples believe ethnic God, worship tree they are blind. No better health system, no proper education, drug addicted and unethical life they lead. Women are neglected by society and not respected by family. Their economy is very low. Most people are day labors in bricks field or farmers.

    Our prayer and hope God is going to open door through our brother Sudarsan Malso to reach this community soon. Pray for him and his area. As we found this area have a big opportunity to plant the church and that’s why we want to plant church here.

    Sunil Hembrom

    Name of the Area: Nojipur, Naogaon

    Nojipur is the municipalities of Naogaon District. This is a market place area and good communication and living standard is also good. Good water system and electricity is here. Most of the population is Muslim and Strong Hindus also live here. This area is close to India. There is a river comes from India to Nojipur. We send our brother as a inside missionary to this place. Sunil Hembrom is completed his HSC and one year diploma course.

    He is also very good skills to communicate with Muslims. His wife is very hospitable to others. They invite people and spending time in social fellowship that they can share the gospel.

    There are many masque surrounding area but no church yet. We are praying to plant a church this area. We need your prayer for our brother Sunil and his wife.

    Sunil ride bicycle and visit door to door distribute track. Sometime he crosses the river and goes so far from his home. He needs prayer of protection and safety.

    Where obstacle there is is blessing. We are praying and waiting to see the result. He really need support of resource for him and ministry tools like Bible, song books and materials.

    We are very much motivated by our brother Sunil and that’s why we want plant Church this area.

    To contact Rev. Bony Baroi, National Director, send email to: