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Social Actions

  • Children CDC

  • Adult Education

  • Emergency Relief

  • Living Water

  • Tailoring/Sewing Center

Sponsor a Child Development Center (CDC): Many of the places where we have churches have hardly any schools. We are looking for three Child Development Centers (Non-formal schools) among the very needy children.

  1. We have identified the locations where we can start CDCs and can provide basic education and holistic care with a good possibility to start new Churches.

The cost of running such of the center for 40 children is $200 USD per month. And For Materials like: books, pen, school bag etc yearly $500 USD. The children will be eternally grateful if you would choose to sponsor the only place where they may hear the good news of our Lord and Savior!

Our most current need is for aToilet/ Latrine for the Children Canter: This is a very urgent need to build a toilet for 100 Children for a village where we have school and coaching center. I visited them and I am so sad to see that they have no place to go for toilet. Presently they are going open field or near trees. I am requesting you all to help to make a toilet which cost is $1,500 USD.Please Join us and help children to have a toilet. Your support is sows your love.

Adult Education

English classes are held to teach basic reading and writing skills. Here, I am teaching English so that those willing to learn can obtain a better paying job to support their families.

Emergency Relief

Many times we provide emergency relief for those unfortunate of extreme poverty, loss of crops, and extreme cold. Here we provided blankets during abnormal cold weather.

Here we are providing rice to the hungry.

This sweet women lost their limbs when a building collapsed. They are unable to provide for their families. After completing the Tailoring course we provided the sewing machine so they can support their families.

Living Water Project

Water is Life.

Many villages in Bangladesh have no drinking water. As followers of Christ we felt the great need and love to help them improve their life both physically and spiritually. When we go to a village to install a Hand Tube Well it takes a full week to complete all work.

While we are there we take the initiative to share the gospel of Jesus every evening. We try to explain how the Bible speaks about water, how God provides water and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the living water. Our Worker prays for a plentiful supply of clean water before he drills under the ground.

After installing the tube well, local people use the water freely.

The next place we plan to install the Hand Tube Well is in a very remote village under Naogaon District called Adoan village, where is 120 families live in extremely poor conditions. In summer they have no water. They travel 20 kilometres to collect drinking water.

Bangladesh Evangelical Revival Church will lead, implement and evaluate the project. We have regional staff who look after the practical side and ensure that the project also makes an impact for the glory of God. After implementation a report with pictures and account is provided to both the supporter and the national office.

Presently, we need to install at least 3 Hand Tube Wells. The supply and installation of each Hand Tube Well is $650 USD. Presently we only have $150 towards this project.

Please pray for us and also join us to help people to have a supply of clean water.

Tailoring/Sewing Center

Train the men and women to gain the skill of tailoring to be self supporting. Also, provide emergency relief for those impacted by several disasters in our area. After the 6 months of training some of the graduates need the actual machine to begin their businesses. Cost of a sewing machine is $150 USD.

To contact Rev. Bony Baroi, National Director, send email to: