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June 13, 2013


Just a quick update – thanks for your prayers.  Jim and I have had a really good time in Zimbabwe with Munya and Ezekiel.   We have had the opportunity of training up 10 people who will each be going back into their regions and raising up 8 – 12 youth pastors/leaders form 8 – 12 churches to train.  The high quality people recruited for this training was amazing and I think we are going to see great things happening in the next 6 - 12 months in Zimbabwe.  Wow, God is good.  We also had the opportunity of connecting with the key leader heading up the Council of Churches in Zimbabwe and he was really excited about the vision and possibilities of working together to train youth workers/leaders throughout Zimbabwe.


Please pray for…

  • these emerging regional trainers as they return to their areas and start recruiting leaders from churches in their areas

  • them as they implement the training in their OWN churches so that we grow models throughout Zimbabwe that reflect the character and priorities of Jesus

  • Munya, Ezekiel and Vusi as they lead the work in Zimbabwe (Coaching and mentoring these regional trainers)

  • Solidifying a partnership with the council of Churches

Thanks for your prayers

God bless


June, 2013


Thanks for your prayers over the past 2 weeks.  Malawi was amazing and I saw and felt God’s power and presence following us as we went along.  Love what God is doing with the guys in Malawi.  The training centre sight that is being developed for the training of young leaders is looking great.  Please continue to pray for the American couple I took with me – pray that the good Lord will continue leading them to know His good pleasing and perfect will for their lives. (pray that the Lord will lead them to Malawi J


I leave for Zimbabwe today with another friend from America please pray…

  • for Jim and I as we work with Munya (Zimbabwe country leader) – for our safety and the safety of our families back home

  • for the 20 high potential leaders Munya has recruited from 3 regions in Zimbabwe

  • for the training that these leaders will go through that they will be so impacted that the Jesus study of life and ministry will move like a wild fire throughout Zimbabwe

  • for strong holds to be broken down that we do not know of

  • for Lorna and the Kids – Jordan starts exams this week

God bless and thanks



May, 2013


Hey there everyone

  • I am sitting on the airport preparing to leave for Malawi.  Please pray for us the next few days…
    Lorna will be at home holding up the fort.

  • I will be taking 4 Americans with me into Malawi…

o   One couple is praying about relocating to Malawi to join the J-Life team there – adding capacity to what is already happening.  Pray that the Lord will reveal His good and pleasing plan to them

o   The other 2 are from  North Carolina – their church will (God willing) be sending 2 teams out a year to help build the training centre in Malawi.

Pray that the Lord will go before us and with us in in power to make HIS name GREAT


God bless



April, 2013


Please pray for…

  • Chico and Zoe as they both return to their countries (Mozambique and Liberia) to pioneer the J-Life ministry training in these countries

  •  I leave for Israel today for GYI (Global Youth Initiative) meetings – Pray for wisdom and growth as we discern what God is doing and how we need to join Him

  • Lorna, Jordan  and Nathan as I am away

  • Tina, James and Michael as they will be in Israel for 2 weeks studying the Life of Christ on site

  • More camps on the Camp Eden site.  We are booking up the site but are having many groups cancel just before they are meant to come.  This does not give us enough time to re-book weekends.  Pray that there will be more than enough groups using the site for it to be sustainable

  • Shinga’s wife in Rwanda – she has been ill for sometime and they have not been able to find out what is wrong.


Thank you for your love and support

God bless


John, Lorna, Jordan and Nathan



March, 2013


The past two weeks have been an amazing witness to God’s faithfulness and amazing work. 


I asked you to pray for summit and the 17 countries that were represented.  Thank you for doing this.  Summit was a great success.  We were able to agree upon a joint vision for J-Life’s work across Africa.  The vision for the next 5 year is to, God willing, mobilize Strategic Disciplemaking Youth Movements throughout the church of Jesus Christ in at least 15 operationally efficient countries in Africa, thereby producing:

  • 500 GC² Alpha/Beta groups translating to 3000 Model Youth Ministries.

  • 21000 young leaders will be equipped to multiply themselves based purely on the life and methods of Jesus Christ.

It was really exciting to see how enthusiastic everyone got and how we were able to journey together as we learned new skills to see greater impact across the continent in the future.  The 10 days we were together was busy and left us all feeling weary but also re-energised for the work ahead.



Please pray:

·         For our country leaders as they return to implement what they have learned.  Pray too that as they review some of the things they learned that the Lord will give them greater understanding.

·         For four of our team that will be going to Israel with GYI (Global Youth Initiative) that they will get the required visas and that the trip will have the desired impact

·         For Lorna and myself as we travel at the end of the month.  I will be going to meetings in Israel and then on to Austria (Lorna will join me here) – pray for our kids as we are away and that the Lord will use this time to refresh and re-energise us for His work

·         New staff to help across the continent – there is a great need all over the continent for assistance in the work we are doing.  Pray that the Lord will raise up good people to join the teams all over the continent.


Thanks for your prayers and assistance

John, Lorna, Jordie and Nate


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