My Story... by Lou Ann Smith


The purpose of this page is to give God the glory for bringing me "through" what He brought me "to".  Click the link below to read the back ground information.

   Hang on - it's a wild ride!!!

Austin Statesman Article

On July 20, 2004 my life would forever be changed. For the good or for the bad? Some would argue for the bad.  I would argue that the JOY of the Lord is my strength and my portion. I'll write more later.  work in progress!


Right now, October, 2012, my case is being considered before the Texas Supreme Court. My prayer is that God will allow my case to be heard so that Texans will be better protected when they enter into an agreement with an Architect who "endeavors to guard" a structure from defective workmanship.

My case made it to the Texas Supreme Court but was overturned with appeals and bias judges (my opinion).  My legal did an amazing job and will forever be in my hearts.  B.Spivey (and many others) - you are the MAN and my champion.  I will NOT fret and will accept God's answer on this.  You know what - I'd rather have favor with my God than win all the court battles ever fought!  IT'S ALL GOOD!  I am content. :)